21 Summer days in the “NW” of Spain
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Hello Dr. *****!

I am writing this email to let you know that my daughter *****  ****** had the most unforgettable experience on her trip to Spain.

The school staff provided amazing support, encouraging the students to engage with the host families and speak as much Spanish as possible during their entire stay. The teachers also encouraged the students to learn from all activities outside of the classroom.

I also would like to say that it was extremely easy to communicate with Patti during the preparation for the trip. She was very organized, quick to respond, and committed to making sure the students had the best time in Spain.

I am very impressed with how well everything went. ***** still won’t stop telling me about her trip!

Thank you so much for giving the students this opportunity. We are looking forward to the Spain trip next summer!

   *** *****

Mother of a student, Summer Immersion 2,022.

We organize summer camps to the beautiful Ria of Arosa (Galicia) to learn Spanish, to discover our culture and, of course, to enjoy a lot. These camps are in Villagarcia de Arosa and students are accommodated in Host Families. Our families are very excited about living this experience!

Our camps are for groups of students, are you a Spanish teacher?

Our students take advantage of our Spanish summer camps and open theirselves up to a selection of businesses and travel opportunities. They also encourage their interest in other cultures and in nature.

It's a very enriching experience. Parents and students will be happy of being part of it. These experiences make people more competent, mature and help them to be prepared for life. Being flexible and open-minded is very important nowadays, and enhancing the knowledge of this language is very useful for their future.


Villagarcia has all the services we need for this program while being small, it’s a perfect and safe destination. It’s by the Ria of Arosa and very close to some international tourist attractions: Santiago de Compostela & The Camino, both UNESCO world Heritage Centers, and Cies Islands, a starlight destination. Students become pilgrims for one day walking The Camino to Santiago de Compostela and sleep on those magical Cies Islands. Those are unforgettable experiences!


Galicians are known as wonderfully welcoming people, and they know how to get the best out of life. Students enjoy and feel they are part of the family. Besides, we are a small business, we study our families with dedication and always look for the perfect match so students go to the right place. They get the most out of this experience!


During the mornings, students enjoy Spanish lessons through a cultural and environmental program. Different activities take place every afternoon. We’ve designed a program where they can enjoy a real immersion and practice Spanish with their host family and friends.

Breathe fresh air on a cruise over the Ría of Arosa, spend an afternoon at the Aquapark, enjoy a bike gymkana on Arosa Island or go for a kayak ride on Terron beaches. Enjoy the sandy beaches playing volleyball or baseball, spend a day trekking with Spanish friends or have a relax afternoon in the cinema with them, learn how to make a typical Spanish potatoes tortilla or have a wonderful afternoon in a bowling. Ask us for a program!

Everyday is full of new activities and fun!