Are you good at pronunciation?

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It's not only about difficult words or very long ones, some Spanish words that look simple become very tricky for Spanish language students. It usually depends on the student's mother tongue.

Try to say these words...

...if your mother tongue is Japanese: "despotricar", "carta", "mesas", "abierto", "Madrid", "julio", "juego", joyería" and "ojos"

...if you are from China: "arroz", "zurcir" and "ronronear"

...if you speak English: "exigir", "elegir", "corregir" and "hermano"

...if you are Italian: "ascensor", "piscina" and "consciente"

...if you are from Slovenia: "limpiaúñas"

...if you are studying Spanish: "armadillo", "desarrolladores", "coscorrón" and "terrestre"

Time to practice!