Positive impacts of educational travel

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A new research conducted by SYTA (Student & Youth Travel Association) supports the position of teachers interested in educational travel. Travelling enhances classroom learning. The positive answers from teachers who do not travel are even more unique, but they still feel it would benefit their students.

The study found out that over 75% of US teachers believe that when students travel, there is a positive impact on their personal development, and more than a half also believe that it has a positive impact on their education and career.

Teachers report significant improvement in their students’ information retention and their social skills. 76% of teachers say that they notice an increase in tolerance of other cultures and ethnicities, while 69% report an increase in independence, self-esteem and confidence. The study outlines Washington D.C, New York, Orlando, Boston and Chicago as the five most popular domestic destinations for student travel, while France, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, and the United Kingdom come out on the top of international travel!

“We have had really positive reactions to the study and find it is timeless in its support of travel having a positive social impact on students.” Carylann Assante said.

Photo Credit: Stefan Schweihofe