21 Summer days in the “NW” of Spain
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Galicia and the Ria of Arousa

White sandy beaches, epic Atlantic scenery ansupreme seafood combine to great effect on Spain’s most beautiful coastline, says The Guardian. 

Bagpipes, baroque cathedrals and the smell of grilled seafood. The architectural grace of Santiago de Compostela and the industrial image of Vigo. Galicia, the northwestern corner of Spain, is a diverse region, but amid the variety there is a costant: its wild landscape, the most beautiful on the Iberian peninsula.

Few people are aware that this northwestern corner of Spain is a unique scenic-gastronomic-cultural cocktail that is a dream to explore beyond the Camino, says the Lonely Planet Guide. These were the reasons to give Galicia the third place on its “Best in Europe” known list.

The coastline of Galicia is frayed up and down its 1200km length by majestic Rias ("Rías Altas" and "Rías Baixas"). “North West” is based in the heart of Rías Baixas, in a town called Vilagarcía de Arousa. Rías Baixas are a succession of beautiful rías, or inlets, surrounded by steep forested hills, scenic coves, stone-built villages and superb sandy beaches. The Ría of Arousa, the biggest of them, is the hidden breatheless jewel of our area.

This wild and stunning stretch of the Atlantic is worth to visit all year round, although the best time to come is from June to September. Galicia has few tourists and enough space to welcome you and to let you feel as a real Galician.

The Ría of Arosa allows you to live slowly, savoring its magical forests, islands and beaches, its speechless water sceneries and pretty fishing ports and villages, and its distinctive culture marked by the Celts. The best stage for a summer you will always remember.

The best stage for a summer you will always remember.